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The handmade Delftware of  't Delftsche Huys comes from a rich tradition of pottery bakers from the Dutch city of Delft. 't Delftsche Huys produces saucers, vases and other items with almost the same production technologies as three centuries ago.
't Delftsche Huys produces Delftware under two brand names:

With a broad range of Delftware saucers, mugs, vases and souvenir articles, ’t Delftsche Huys makes affordable Delftware. All ’t Delftsche Huys products are handcrafted, but because of the larger scale of production the prices are lower.
All articles from ’t Delftsche Huys are shipped with a certificate of authenticity and in packaging which guarantees break-free delivery. We deliver worldwide. 

Old Delft is the premium quality Delftware. All pieces are handmade and inspected time and again during the various processes by experienced pottery bakers. Old Delft is the antique of tomorrow, each piece a top quality item that will retain its value.

All 't Delftsche Huys articles are shipped with a certificate of authenticity and are packaged in a way that guarantees a breakage-free delivery. We deliver worldwide. 
Cream-can Cream can € 20,95
Violin Violin € 29,95