Delft ceramic

If you say Holland you say Windmills, tulips, cheese and last but not least you say Delft ceramic. If you are interested in delft ceramic we advise you to take a look at the website In this webshop you find a most diverse collection delft ceramic.

Delft ceramic since the 16th century

Very special is that delft blue finds his origin in the 16th Century by the potters who saw the Chinese porselain and even today delft ceramic is still very popular by Dutch people and lots of tourists from all over the world. Especially the Chinese en Japanese people love it and they fly with lots of planes to Holland to see and buy products of delft ceramic.

Order your Delft ceramic online

Our website is very easy to use and to order your new products within a view minutes while you are sitting in your relaxchair with a nice cup of tea en some chocolates within your fingertips.There is a various assortment of products for example wall plates, tiles, standard candles, dinnerware, scales, pots, vases, cans, cups, wooden shoes and lots of other objects. Everything you can imagine you can purchase in delft ceramic products. When you want to give someone something original think of something of delft ceramic. Especially the eldery people like this products but do not be afraid when you also see something you like.

Also for the modern interior!

Even delft ceramic fits in a modern interior and it really will surprise you. Most of the items are handicraft produced and handmade. That is what makes it all so special. The quality is longlasting and it keeps its Dutch appearance so you can enjoy it the rest of your life. You can always surprise someone with some kind of delft ceramic item; it does not matter what it is. We advise you to look at and enjoy the typical Dutch products and especially delft ceramic.

Delft ceramic