Delft shop

You have always been looking for some special original items for your interior and you never thought of blue delftware? This is the moment to look at the Delft shop at and you will be surprised of the collection they offer you.

Anything you can imagine in the Delft shop!

Anything you can imagine you can find here.There is a various assortment of products for example wall plates, tiles, standard candles, dinnerware, scales, pots, vases, cans, cups, wooden shoes and lots of other objects. Everything you can imagine you can purchase in the delft shop. When you want to give someone an original present you are at the right place at the delft shop

Special items at the Delft shop

Most of the items are handicraft produced and handmade. That is what makes it all so special. The quality is longlasting and it keeps its Dutch appearance so you can enjoy it the rest of your life. You can always surprise someone with some kind of delft blue item bought in the delft shop; it does not matter what it is. We advise you to look at and enjoy the typical Dutch products in this delft shop.

When you have made your choise you can place your order and you very soon have your delft blue item from the delft shop at home! If you are not satisified with the item you can send it back to and you can choose something else or get your money back. The people from this delft shop find service very important and if you have any questions you can always contact them. Try something else in your interior and look quickly at the delft shop You will not regret it!

Delft shop