Last week I visited my grandmother and I saw something very special in her livingroom. It was a lovely piece of delftware and I really enjoyed it. When I came home I immediately began tot search on the world wide web and very soon I find the delftware site I would like to recommand this website to everyone who is looking for some special piece of delftware.

Lots of Delftware

Everything you can imagine you can find in this webshop.  You can search and buy delftware at for nice prices. When you want to surprise someone you love you can always give that person a special item. It is possible to make your own design at for example a delftware plate or vase. For example when a new baby is born you can give the new parents a plate of delftware with the name and date of birth of the newborn baby. It will fit in everyones livingroom, kitchen, bedroom or babyroom.

Tourist in your own country

At the webshop you feel like a tourist in your own country. It is all so typical Dutch; even as tulips, windmills and cheese. Lots of tourists buy delftware when they visite our country and they all love it. When they go to the Zaanse Schans, Marken, Edam or Volendam they can not deny that Dutch delftware is something special which reminds them of a special trip to a special very nice original country. 

​When they are safely back home they will certainly search for other items of delftware on the world wide web. Most of the searchresults will end at the webshop They can buy a lot of other delftware products for themselves or for friends and family. They will realy enjoy this special original present from Holland.